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Health & Home Magazine

Health & Home Magazine

In April of 2017, I was made Art Director of the Inlander’s InHealth Magazine. In late 2017, I led the design rebrand of the magazine to Inlander Health & Home. Rebranding the magazine had to accomplish some important things:

  • Health & Home needed to feel new and modern, but also like a familiar Inlander publication, so that it was recognizable to InHealth and Inlander readers.
  • It needed to appeal to a broader audience than InHealth had, without alienating the loyal reader base they had built. Continuing focus on Health, while adding more Home, Food, and Family coverage.
  • Wider appeal needed to facilitate an increase in advertisers as well as readers.
  • I like to hide a cat in every issue. 

The first issue of Inlander Health & Home hit stands in early February of 2018. Since the rebrand, advertising sales in the publication have increased over 32%, allowing an increase of overall pages and distribution locations. Pick-up rates have increased by x,000 copies per issue and continue to rise.

I love working on this magazine! The broad range of topics allow me to stretch in many different directions, both as an art director and as an artist. I’ve been lucky in the process to work with many talented photographers, writers and illustrators, and I am proud of the end result.

Inlander Covers

The Inlander

I joined the Inlander Production Team in January of 2012. My main role as production artist was to create and update the advertisements you see in the pages of the Inlander each week, as well as the digital advertising seen on Inlander.com.

When you purchase advertising from the Inlander, our graphic design services are free! I have always loved this about my job – helping small, just starting out businesses who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a graphic designer on a weekly basis. It’s been a privilege to work with local institutions like Boo Radleys, Atticus, and Whiz Kids – to name only three of the hundreds of clients I have done work for over the years. It’s fast-paced and never dull.

Because I love to learn (and hate to be bored) I have worked to expand my responsibilities at the Inlander beyond ad production. And in my years there I have also:

  • Developed and implemented branding campaigns for Inlander’s many publications and events (Including but not limited to: Inlander Restaurant Week, Winter Party, Suds and Cinema, Volume, Annual Manual, Health & Home, Shop Local, Menu, Green Zone, and Inlander Best Of.)
  • Designed and implemented a complete rebrand of Inlander Health & Home Magazine
  • Created and maintained WordPress websites for a wide variety of events and products
  • Designed layouts and full publications, cover to cover, for both for Inlander and our clients (InHealth, Health & Home, Menu, Shop Local, Komen Race for the Cure race guide, Every Woman Can race guide, Annual Manual, DSP/Visit Spokane Holiday Guides, and many more.)
  • Created graphics, illustrations, and art pieces to run on the cover of the Inlander or along with editorial content
  • Written blog posts and occasional stories
  • Assembled and designed internal Inlander Media Kit collateral
  • Kept the soda machine filled with the perfect combination of sodas and beer.

Working for the Inlander is not always easy – especially when you wear as many hats as I do, at times – but it is a privilege and a joy to be there nonetheless.

2012-2013 – Production Artist
2013-2017 – Graphic Designer
2017-Present – Art Director, Health & Home Magazine (Formerly InHealth)
2018-Present – Creative Lead of the Inlander Graphic Design Department

(2016-Present – Soda Machine Liaison)